Feel the nizam's touch

Home Delivery

Enjoy in comfort the unforgettable flavours of our diverse delicacies being at home. Once prepared, the food will be delivered at your doorsteps at the given time on the day you asked for. Your home delivery will arrive fresh and hot. Thermal transportation units ensure that your food delivery tastes as good as possible and arrives within 60 minutes.

Take away

We offer customer-friendly takeaways to match your diverse range of tastes. All you need to do is to choose from the same great menu that we offer in our restaurant

Party hall / Catering

Whatever be the nature of your event,  a faculty luncheon, a farewell party, a birthday celebration or a get-together razzmatazz, we would be pleased to meet your menu requirements in the way you want. We fit to a party hall of around 120 paxs on the third floor.At Nizams kitchen, we know just how special every event is, and work hard to ensure every single moment of your event is memorable. Our cuisines  and  services has satisfied even the most discriminating of customers.